Tiny Polka Dot Math Game

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Award-winning, family-friendly, classroom-ready, number-loving game deck

  • Winner of 2017 Creative Child Magazine’s Product of the Year Award, Academics’ Choice Brain Toy, “Brain Child” Award from Tilliwig Toy Awards, 2017 National Parenting Product Awards, 2017 Creative Child Magazine’s Game of the Year Award and Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

  • Inside the box:

    – 66 Tiny Polka Dot cards in 6 suits

    – 8 Rule cards with instructions for 16 easy-to-learn games that grow with the child

    – Guide for grown-ups and instructions

  • Suitable for age 3 to 8+

  • Players: 1 to 6

  • Game time: 5 to 15 minutes

  • Playfully teach counting, arithmetic and logic

  • You can easily adapt the card games with other manipulatives such as figurines, counters, blocks, number cubes that you have

  • Colourful, vibrant card designs that appeal to young kids

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Out of stock

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The Progression of Counting and Arithmetic

Tiny Polka Dot was created to help kids learn foundational ideas in counting and mathematics through play. Developing these skills is more complex than you might expect, and can be the main work children do in school from pre-Kindergarten through lower primary.

The progression of math skills in young children develops roughly in the order below, but every child is different. Don’t be concerned if your child “should” know something he or she doesn’t. Tiny Polka Dot was developed to give kids a playful way to practice honing these skills while having fun!

  • Number names

  • Number order to five

  • One to one correspondence — knowing each successive number name corresponds to one more when counting

  • Conservation of number — recognising that objects in different arrangements can still represent the same number

  • Number order to ten and beyond

  • Subitising — the ability to recognise the number of objects in a small collection without having to count

  • Understanding addition as combining and subtraction as taking away

  • Addition to five

  • Addition to ten

  • Subtraction to five

  • Subtraction to ten

  • Addition and subtraction to twenty and beyond

Develop Good Habits of mind

Beyond specific skills, playing Tiny Polka Dot games encourages the habits of mind kids need to be successful in math. These habits include:

  • Problem solving

  • Perseverance

  • Finding and using mathematical structure

  • Comparing and estimating

  • Learning from mistakes

  • Mathematical courage and creativity

Again, don’t worry about every game having a measurable outcome. When your child plays and has fun, they are laying the foundation for these skills and habits of mind.

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