Build your child’s math foundation 

  • Do you know? Ordering, sequencing and patterning are important foundation skills for mathematics. This set of printable farm pattern cards not only facilitate learning of patterning, but also teaches preschoolers about the sources of our food and everyday products.

  • Developmental stages to learning patterning
    – Stage 1: Child can recognise a pattern
    – Stage 2: Child can describe a pattern
    – Stage 3: Child can copy a pattern
    – Stage 4: Child can extend a pattern
    – Stage 5: Child can create a pattern

  • Basic patterning starts by introducing two items, or AB (as shown in the product images here). Additional printable images are available in the printable set for parents or educators to adapt the activity. As your child advances each stage, you can try introducing more complex patterns such as ABC, ABC; AABB, AABB; AAB, AAB; ABB, ABB etc. Doing this encourages higher order thinking.

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