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A farm play mat that’s actually a book? That’s a first.

  • Our Farm Play kit contains:

    Helping Hen concertina board book

    TOOB® Farm miniature animal figurines containing 12 animals including dog, duck, bull, hen, rooster, goose, pig, goat, horse, ram, cow and ewe.

    – A complimentary set of A4 size printables (in digital format) to support pretend play and learning about farm animals. For a set of printed printables, simply top up $2.

  • Use the TOOB® Farm animal figurines to make up your own stories and keep the farm scene alive during storytime. Each figurine is realistically crafted and professionally hand painted. Non-toxic and BPA free.

  • Suitable for ages 3-6 years old. For kids aged 2+, parental supervision is required due to the miniature animal figurines.

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Farm Storytime with ‘Helping Hen’:

Helping Hen is a short story featuring a hen who got lured out of the coop by a fox that wanted to eat her. This is a beautiful concertina board book that changes look as the pages get turned. When the book is closed, it looks like a hen. As the book opens up, the illustration on each page combines with each other. When it’s fully open, it shows the image of a farmer who helps the hen and scares the fox away. The abstract book design also makes it an interesting play mat for interactive play with farm animal figurines.

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Printables Option

Include Printed Printables (Top Up $2), Include Printables in Digital Format (Free)

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